Moving to the South of France- Swimming Home

Unfortunately not me, just my next Booker Buddies book.
I read “Swimming Home” by Deborah Levy.
It’s transported me to the south of France.
Rather nice backdrop, but I was a bit ambivalent about the book itself.

Swimming Pool at Chateau Marmont (yes, I know that’s not actually in France)
by Tyler Shields

I must say, for the first few chapters I was pretty ambivalent about this book. Insert crazy cat (Kiity Ket to be precise) into the set piece of two middle class couple staying at a home in France with the blossoming teenage daughter of one of the couples.
Tensions within the relationships are sharpened by the intruder’s presence etc etc.
But after a couple of chapters, the book really grew on me and an almost thriller like tension took over as I wondered how the twists and turns would impact everyone in the story.

A compact stealthy unsettling novel, I ended up not being able to put this one down.

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