12.04. How not to get punched in the face

Source: spwk.eu via Digi on Pinterest

Eric Kim is a street photographer.
A pretty good one as far as I can tell.
He photographs people on the street in all sorts of places. Something I would love to do if I had the courage.
So I was intrigued by how he avoids said punches in the face.

When I arrived, I started to get an inkling as to why he’s only had 3 “incidents” in a career spanning a million photos.  He was walking along the rose of people, introducing himself to each and every visitor with a big smile and an attentive eye (as demonstrated by the compliments he was paying).  

He was personable affability incarnate.  

I can’t imagine anyone punching him in the face.

Check out his photos here.  He also has a workshop coming up in Sydney- I really wish I could go – he is very inspiring!

Here are some of his thoughts and suggestions that I particularly liked.

1. Every photo is a statement about the world around you (Eric has a Sociology background)- don’t focus on creating an interesting picture, focus on making a meaningful picture.

2. Street photography is not just about shooting pics, but connecting with people.

3. Eyes are the windows to the soul.  Wait for eye contact.

4. Start with an interesting background.  Be patient, someone will walk into it.

5. Turn off image review, don’t let what’s on the screen distract you from what’s around you (read more on “chimping” here)


Thanks to Michael’s Camera House for putting on this free lunchtime talk.  It was my first one, but looks like they have a rather interesting program.