01.05. Mindful in May

The benefits of meditation are widely acknowledged and well known.

I think especially in this scattered age, focussing on mindfulness and attention has to be a good thing.

The challenge is doing it regularly enough to get lasting benefit.

Hence my commitment to doing Mindfulness in May.  I did my first meditation and my mind was fidgety and scattered, but this is just the beginning.

I think this is a good thing to do.

I should have blogged about this earlier, so readers had the option to take part. 

Never mind.

http://mindfulinmay.com/ – though its too late to sign up.

Another good meditation site http://www.getsomeheadspace.com/ – they have an app for you phone that can get you started on a daily 10 minute meditation for free.

Does anyone out there manage to meditate regularly? I’d love to know how it makes you feel.