05.05 Beautiful light at the beach

I love it when the light is just perfect.


07.04. Winter beach adventure

I love the beach in summer.

But I love it when it’s cooler too.  The Wuthering Heights effect perhaps?
The wind in your hair.
This is Ventnor Beach on Phillip Island. Chilly but beautiful.





06.04. Aah, the serenity

Every Easter, we go away with the same bunch of friends.
We hire a beautiful house, ideally in a beautiful place and pretend to be millionaires for the Easter weekend.
We eat brilliant food, have the odd chilled white wine and enjoy each other’s company for 4 days.
This year, the house was brilliant, in Ventnor on Phillip Island it was right on the water, a 3 minute walk to the beach, with a lovely deck to enjoy the view.
One of the nicest things in life.

If you love the view, you might love the house. Details here: 11 Grossard Point Road, Ventnor.

Do you get the chance to live like a queen sometimes?