19.02. Sylvia Rafael, Mossad Agentin


When we were away, I read a book.
I loved it.
I couldn’t stop talking about it, thinking about it.
Picturing what I would do in situations this heroine found herself in.
Asking myself if I would make the same decisions and choices.
My husband started getting a bit jealous of Sylvia Rafael.
Why? Because Sylvia Rafael had an amazing life and her story is true.
We have a Mossad agent, Sylvia Rafael, glamorous as a film star, whose cover is working as a photographer for a leading photo agency in Paris.
We have a handsome man, Ali Salameh, born into the leadership of Fatah. He loves the party life of an international student and is an unwilling terrorist at first, but becomes the mastermind of Black September and Yassar Arafat’s close confidante (oh, yes and coincidentally courts a Miss Universe contestant).
Their paths cross with the attack on the Munich Olympics in 1972 and this book documents the before and after from both perspectives.
Written by Moti Kfir, former Head of the Academy for Special Operations of the Mossad, and Ram Oren, a thriller author who is very popular in Israel, this book has plenty of history and information with the pace of a thriller.
I was so absorbed in this book. Fascinated in equal part by the personal story of Sylvia, the insight into spycraft in the sixties and seventies as well as the historical backdrop of the establishment of Israel and the role of Black September. A history of which I had largely been ignorant.
This book was written in Hebrew and unfortunately so far has only been translated into German (the language I read it it).
I would love an English language publisher to pick this up. It is a terrific read!.

Title: Sylvia Rafael. Mossad Agentin
Authors: Moti Kfir + Ram Oren
Available on http://www.amazon.de