I found a hidden bar at the back of a burger joint! Bill’s Bar in Collingwood.

Did you know there is a bar behind the silver door in Huxtaburger on Smith Street?

There is.  Bill’s Speakeasy.

And they make great drinks.  And play cool music.


And when you walk back out past the hipsters queueing for their wagyu burgers, the looks you get are priceless.  “Wha-aa?”

Get on it!

Bill’s Bar

Enter through Huxtaburger
104 Smith St

Collingwood 3066

Discoverd thanks to Broadsheet

03.04. Love you Melbourne. Love the Comedy Fest

Every year, the Comedy Festival Hits town and each night there are literally dozens of shows you can see from big to small.
We caught Neil Sinclair at Rue Bebelons.
Neil wasn’t our cup of tea (though the Brits in the audience seemed to enjoy him), he’s on until April 21 if you want to form your own opinion.
But the night was great with a drink at the bar, being led up through the back stairs past Chinese restaurants – a true Melbourne experience.
Rue Bebelons is a great bar for a drink- they have a great range of French and Italian aperitifs and spirits and a groovy understated vibe. Apparently they’re putting in a roof deck upstairs- will be great in summer.
Gotta love my pic of the comedian. Sadly, I focused on the head in front of me. Doh!