13.05. Wide Open Road in Brunswick. A delightful Sunday brunch.

I saw a review on Easy As Vegan Pie recently for a place called Wide Open Road in Brunswick that I thought I really must try.
So we dropped in for Brunch.
It’s a wonderful space, with wonderful coffee and the food we tried was absolutely delicious. And a bit different.
I had smashed peas with pecorino, goats cheese and sourdough- it was fresh and delicious. What a lovely different idea for a breakfast.
Rusty had scrambled eggs with chorizo and some lovely spicy avocado. He was happy.

What was super nice were the staff- the ladies who served us were so friendly and happy- they seemed to enjoy what they were doing. That made our Sunday so much more pleasant!

A great new haunt, we’ll definitely be back.

On their website I found a lovely little video of them expanding the space- with that great Style Council track, Walls Came Tumbling Down.
Cute. I like their attitude!

Wide Open Road
274 Barkly Street Brunswick
Phone 03 9387 6079

Monday – Friday 7:30am – 5pm (Kitchen closes 3pm)
Saturday 7:30am – 5pm (kitchen closes 4pm)
Sunday 8am – 5pm (Kitchen closes 4pm)

Have you discovered anywhere a bit different lately?

28.04. Dinner at Boire on Smith Street. Yum.

Source: boire.com.au via Maree on Pinterest

Fresh from the markets, country style French food.
A constantly changing menu.
3 – 5 mains, depending on what’s good at the market.
An interesting mix of Australian and French wines.
Try the pork pate to start, rustic and tasty with gherkins.
And chiboust with rhubarb for dessert. The most insanely light custard delight I’ve ever tasted!
Boire, I love it! Definitely one of our favourites.

Source: boire.com.au via Maree on Pinterest

92 Smith Street, Collingwood.
No phone. Just turn up.
If you’re a party of 10 or more, email them in advance.

22.04. Chestnut and Cheese Ravioli with pumpkin sauce

When we were away, we had Chestnut and Ricotta Ravioli, must have been in Florence.
It went straight on my wishlist for Rusty to make me someday. There have been plenty of chestnuts at the markets and I’ve been hinting.
Today I came home to the smell of roasting chestnuts and the results were delicious!
So I thought I would share.
If you’re at all into making your own pasta, give it a go.

The pumpkin sauce on it’s own would be great too.

Hope no-one minds a couple of food posts in a row- this is not a cooking blog, but it’s been a big food weekend!

Serves 2
Ravioli filling: Roast 10 Chestnuts for 7-10 min, peel add 20 grm Manchego blitz add a little Olive Oil.

Sauce: Roast 150 grm Pumpkin in plenty of olive oil, add Taragon, Sage, Garlic, Eschalot near the end. Add a lick of cream.

Once cool blitz all together.

Make the ravioli as you would with the pasta machine, fill with the chestnut filling and boil till it’s al dente. Meanwhile, heat the sauce.

Sprinkle with fresh parsley.

Serve and enjoy!

23.03. Everyone needs a Bake Club

The first rule of Bake Club is we don’t talk about Bake Club.
But I’m all about breaking rules.
Not only am I going to talk about it, I’m going to share the recipe of today’s Bake Club delight.
Even though technically, it wasn’t even baked!

At our office, a bunch of us gals have got together and created Bake Club. Once a fortnight, one of us bakes and everyone is invited. Thursdays at 3pm. Though today we were one day late.

We have some talented bakers. And some talented mums of not so talented bakers. So it is consistently something that makes me very happy!

Today one of the gals made rocky road. It was delicious and she swears it was deadset easy. Here’s the recipe for the white one, which I particularly loved!

Give it a try!

Jordy's Rocky Road

750g milk, white (Cadbury Dream seems to be the go)
90g glace cherries
150g marshmallows (Pascall Marshmallows)
50g crushed macadamia nuts

Line a tin with a freezer bag or tin foil.

Chop marshmallows and cherries into quarters.

Melt chocolate over very low heat, stirring occasionally.

Spread about one third of the melted chocolate over the base of the lined tin.

Top chocolate layer with half the marshmallows, cherries and nuts.

Spread with half the remaining chocolate and top with remaining marshmallows, cherries and nuts.

Spread the rest of the chocolate on top and refrigerate until set- ideally overnight.

Remove the lining and enjoy.

For the milk chocolate one she used broken choc ripple biscuits, marshmallows, raspberries and a few cherries nom nom nom. It was also delicious!

10.03. It’s My Party, I’ll eat duck if I want to.

I don’t get excited by my birthday.
Except big ones.
But this year, my family have been so delightful, it was one of the loveliest birthdays ever.
And the great news is, I’m giving you the present, below is the recipe for the delicious duck dish hubby made for me and the family.
Other highlight was my new French coffee pot. Price tag is still on it, since I was there when it was discovered. In fact, I may have hinted that it would make a sensational birthday present. And I was right!

Cassis Duck with celeriac mash
(Ingredients for 10 people)
6 duck breasts
1 shallot
750ml red wine
200ml Creme de Cassis
handful dried blackcurrants
Butter (50g + 150g)
3 celeriacs
1 lemon
Salt & pepper

Peel the celeriac and chop and cook in boiling water with the juice of the lemon. Puree the cooked celeriac in a food processor, add 150g butter and season.

Bring the wine to the boil, add the shallots, allow to reduce by half, add the creme de cassis and the blackcurrants and reduce again. The sauce should be syrupy. Whisk in the remaining 50g butter to make a sauce.

Score the fatty side of the breasts in a criss-cross pattern, pan fry them, skin side down for 10 minutes on a gentle heat and then turn breasts over and cook for a further 5 minutes.
Slice the breasts into 6 pieces, dress with the blackcurrant sauce and puree.
Add blanched beans or a nice green for some crunch.
This recipe courtesy of one of our absolute favourites, Stephane Reynaud in his book Ripailles, Traditional French Cuisine.

03.03. Happy chickens

Today I had the pleasure of taking a guided tour through the chook pen at CERES that houses around 260 happy free range Isa Browns- hardworking ladies who roam the CERES orchards, get treated with organic leftovers from the market and produce around 200 eggs per day.

Looking at these happy gals, and thinking about the torture they would face as caged hens, you have to wonder how anyone could buy anything but free range eggs.