Need a Friday arvo bop and giggle- go Asia Pop!

Great outfits and baby tigers. What more could you ask for?

I’m not sure all Korean gangsters are this camp!

For more Asia Pop adventure vist SBS Asia Pop

Do you love it!

30.04. I’m gonna buy me some confidence

This day was a big day. I was presenting a big piece of work I’ve been working on for ages.
I wanted to feel confident and fabulous.
So a new outfit was in order.
I wanted something understated and simple, but smart.
I found it at Cue.
The dress was on special for $147.50. It’s wool crepe, a flattering cut and extremely comfortable.
I paired it up with a tweed jacket I bought yonks ago.
I matched it to some killer heels (Joanne Mercer) and stocked up on beautiful stockings (Leona Edmiston- currently 30% off at Myer if you buy 2 or more pairs…so of course I bought a few!)
And I felt great!

20.04. That dress you have to have!

I like this dress. Like I really like it.
Kathy Novak was wearing it last night on SBS news.
So I tweeted SBS News to ask who the dress was by.
And it’s vintage. Oh, no. That means I can’t go and buy it.
What I know about the dress: she bought it at Di Nuovo in Paddington and it’s a Rachel Comey design.
If anyone can help me find out what the dress is called or track one down, I would be forever grateful!

Di Nuovo
92 William Street

Oh, and Anton Enus checked the tag for Kathy. And tweeted me. That kind of made my night too!

10.02. Playing with all my lovely new things

We hit Europe right at winter sale time. Great for Australians.
And as the temperature dropped (in Berlin it was minus 13 degrees) we found ourselves needing some new things.

A Loreak Mendian Lady Cavalier cardigan.

Jo Gordon knitwear

Drakes scarf and Ben Alder cashmere beanie.

My favourite shopping precincts were Rue Oberkampf in Paris and around Sophienstrasse in Berlin Mitte.

19.03. Revisiting old haunts

(A catch up post from last week- sorry- had to download the pics…)
When I was a student and relatively new to Sydney, I fell in love with the Strand Arcade.
The architecture, the quirky stores and in particular a tea room on the ground floor that served delicious coffee and the definitive cherry and cheese strudel.
The tea rooms are gone now, which is very sad, but I still like to go back there and enjoy the light and the space and the vibe.

This time, I found it as charming as ever.
BYO cherry cheese strudel.

From the vintage jewellery store (yes, I really like old jewellery) to the hidden change rooms at the Fleur Wood store. Those bookshelves? They hide the charming change rooms. Very sweet.

Do you have any old haunts that constantly draw you back?