Whisked away to a Bombay Opium Den of the 70’s

Have started reading Narcopolis. It has sucked me in like a Bombay opium pipe- loving it so far.
I’m finding it very visual.
So it sent me on a search for some imagery around the topic.
An incredibly romanticised topic, visually. I think the book may be about to hit me with the ugly side…

“She was about twenty-five then and she had a habit in those days of shaking the hair into her eyes and smiling for no reason at all, a sweet smile as I remember, with no hint of the changes that would overtake her.”
But for now, some pretty pictures!

Source: George Barbier – Art Deco Fashion Illustration courtesy of Steven Poke

Dita von Teese in her Opium Den. Source: Teas-O-Rama

Have you read the book?
please no spoilers ; )