24.04. Be curious. Jonah Lehrer on The Colbert Report talking about Imagine: How Creativity Works

I am great believer in using collective consciousness to generate ideas.
I collaborate alot with people who have convinced themselves that they are not creative.
It makes life rather difficult.
Jonah Lehrer believes creativity is a universal talent.
I like that thought. Because I believe everyone can have great ideas.
It would be helpful if more people believed in their own creativity and exercised it more often.
Jonah wrote a book called Imagine: How Creativity Works- if you’re interested in his thoughts, this video of him on The Colbert Report gives you a bit of an idea about the book and his ideas.
His point about new ideas being a synthesis of old ideas is also a real incentive to Be Curious- something I believe in very strongly.
“You see again and again among very creative people, that they have very open minds, they read everything, they’re incredibly curious and they steal alot.”

Do you believe creativity is something reserved for geniuses, or something we can all access?