22.04. Chestnut and Cheese Ravioli with pumpkin sauce

When we were away, we had Chestnut and Ricotta Ravioli, must have been in Florence.
It went straight on my wishlist for Rusty to make me someday. There have been plenty of chestnuts at the markets and I’ve been hinting.
Today I came home to the smell of roasting chestnuts and the results were delicious!
So I thought I would share.
If you’re at all into making your own pasta, give it a go.

The pumpkin sauce on it’s own would be great too.

Hope no-one minds a couple of food posts in a row- this is not a cooking blog, but it’s been a big food weekend!

Serves 2
Ravioli filling: Roast 10 Chestnuts for 7-10 min, peel add 20 grm Manchego blitz add a little Olive Oil.

Sauce: Roast 150 grm Pumpkin in plenty of olive oil, add Taragon, Sage, Garlic, Eschalot near the end. Add a lick of cream.

Once cool blitz all together.

Make the ravioli as you would with the pasta machine, fill with the chestnut filling and boil till it’s al dente. Meanwhile, heat the sauce.

Sprinkle with fresh parsley.

Serve and enjoy!