I found a hidden bar at the back of a burger joint! Bill’s Bar in Collingwood.

Did you know there is a bar behind the silver door in Huxtaburger on Smith Street?

There is.  Bill’s Speakeasy.

And they make great drinks.  And play cool music.


And when you walk back out past the hipsters queueing for their wagyu burgers, the looks you get are priceless.  “Wha-aa?”

Get on it!

Bill’s Bar

Enter through Huxtaburger
104 Smith St

Collingwood 3066

Discoverd thanks to Broadsheet

Booker Buddies

ImageWelcome to what my bedside table will be looking like for the next month and a bit.  I have given myself the task to read as many of the shortlist as I can between now and October 16 (when the winner is announced).  

I will most likely fail miserably!  

Though to bolster self esteem, I’m thinking to start with some of the smaller books on offer!

I’d love to have some Booker Buddies, other crazies who want to have a crack too.

Then we can truly decide, which is the best novel, in the judges opinion (the surprisingly simple criteria of the competition)

Anyone care to join me?


If enough people are interested, I’ll set up one of those linky thingies.
Leave a comment if you dare.


11.05. Hatewatching. The shows we love to hate.

The clever folks at Slate Culture Gab-Fest were discussing Hate-watching this week, following on from an article by Emily Nussbaum in the New Yorker about Hate-watching the new show “SMASH”.
She gets pretty cranky about the show, but realises she is enjoying it.
“I realize my vehemence is slightly suspect. I mean, why would I go out of my way to watch a show that makes me so mad? On some level, I’m obviously enjoying it.”

Made me think about some of the shows I watch.
I don’t really watch shows that make me angry. That only happens when I accidentally turn on Andrew Bolt on a Sunday morning.
But it got me thinking about alot of the shows on TV. Especially reality shows. Especially on Pay TV. And why we watch them. Not all the emotions they evoke are positive…
I’ve illustrated my personal emotional fire warning scale in the diagram above.

What shows are you on your current fire danger scale??
What categories do you like? Any you would like to add?

13.05. Wide Open Road in Brunswick. A delightful Sunday brunch.

I saw a review on Easy As Vegan Pie recently for a place called Wide Open Road in Brunswick that I thought I really must try.
So we dropped in for Brunch.
It’s a wonderful space, with wonderful coffee and the food we tried was absolutely delicious. And a bit different.
I had smashed peas with pecorino, goats cheese and sourdough- it was fresh and delicious. What a lovely different idea for a breakfast.
Rusty had scrambled eggs with chorizo and some lovely spicy avocado. He was happy.

What was super nice were the staff- the ladies who served us were so friendly and happy- they seemed to enjoy what they were doing. That made our Sunday so much more pleasant!

A great new haunt, we’ll definitely be back.

On their website I found a lovely little video of them expanding the space- with that great Style Council track, Walls Came Tumbling Down.
Cute. I like their attitude!

Wide Open Road
274 Barkly Street Brunswick
Phone 03 9387 6079

Monday – Friday 7:30am – 5pm (Kitchen closes 3pm)
Saturday 7:30am – 5pm (kitchen closes 4pm)
Sunday 8am – 5pm (Kitchen closes 4pm)

Have you discovered anywhere a bit different lately?

Ever wanted to meditate? There is no time like the present!

The good folks at Mindful in May have let me know that due to overwhelming interest they have opened the doors to a two week mindful in may challenge!
Each day, there will be a 10 minute guided meditation for you to do at a time convenient to you. It’s rather nice to have a guided meditation with an Aussie accent, let me tell you!
There is also a daily email if you want it, with some inspiration and thoughts.
For beginners like me, I think this is a pretty good introduction. A meditation how to that gets you straight into it.

It will start on May 14.

So sign up and donate before May 14th when the challenge will begin! www.mindfulinmay.com/signup

Apparently over 700 meditators are on board and they’ve raised $20,000 to date!

I’m finding it really great, who knows, you might enjoy it too!