Spring on Great Ocean Road. Brilliant.

A lovely spring weekend cycling along the Great Ocean Road.
A big ride for me, Apollo Bay to Lorne and back, was tough, but so beautiful!
Such a great area for riding. Hope there are many more rides to come this year.

6.30am. The park at Apollo Bay, ready to go.

Took this photo by accident.
But I quite like it.
Wish I’d been going faster.

A quick break.

Looking for Koalas

Headed back I caught a view of Apollo Bay. Sweet relief!

08.05. Will you be going quietly? Or growing old disgracefully? Or at least raucously?


A book by Booki.sh

I got off to a bit of a late start this morning and heard two splendidly eccentric ladies on Radio National. They were old school friends and met up again over 35 years later and have travelled the world together. Not just posh hotels in Paris or London, but real, gritty destinations.Places like North Africa; Patagonia and the Galapagos Islands; Istanbul, Cappadocia and Antalya in Turkey; safaris in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and the Serengeti; music festivals in Naples and Prague; and the western isles of Mull and Iona. Places that have tested their patience, their sense of humour but given them so much adventure along the way.

I’ve always pictured my seventies (which are quite a way off might I add!) as a quiet time. Reading, tea, craft, perhaps a pet dog. Some time to reflect and relax.

These ladies have changed my mind!

They sounded like ace birds. Maybe one day, I will read their book. Or follow in their footsteps!

What do you plan doing in your seventies and eighties?

Growing old outrageously: A memoir of travel, food and friendship
Authors: Hilary Linstead and Elisabeth Davies

28.04. Dinner at Boire on Smith Street. Yum.

Source: boire.com.au via Maree on Pinterest

Fresh from the markets, country style French food.
A constantly changing menu.
3 – 5 mains, depending on what’s good at the market.
An interesting mix of Australian and French wines.
Try the pork pate to start, rustic and tasty with gherkins.
And chiboust with rhubarb for dessert. The most insanely light custard delight I’ve ever tasted!
Boire, I love it! Definitely one of our favourites.

Source: boire.com.au via Maree on Pinterest

92 Smith Street, Collingwood.
No phone. Just turn up.
If you’re a party of 10 or more, email them in advance.

29.04. A Beautiful Sky

One of the benefits of being married to a cycling tragic are the weekend trips to nice places hosting various rides.
Today was the delightful Arthur’s Seat Ride, so I got to spend the day on the Mornington Peninsula.

Flinders Beach today.

I can’t decide which photo I like best.

You decide.



And our littlest addition’s first day at the beach.

15.02. Eddy-tude



Learning to ski was fun. Most of the time.
But there were moments, when you’ve fallen over a couple of times, you’re tired, the skis aren’t doing what you want.
And your first instinct is to get snippy.
That’s where my teacher, Eddy, taught me what I called “Eddy-tude”.
When he saw the first cranky look in my eye, he would look up and around and just start whistling.
Eddy-tude is about looking up around you and no matter where you are, appreciating how lucky you are to be there.
Eddy-tude is about enjoying the ride.
It worked every time.
I try to apply Eddy-tude now in my life.
When I’m getting snippy about something, I look up, and just try to appreciate where I am and how lucky I am and whistle.
It still works every time.

08.04. OMG! Little Penguins (the artists formerly known as Fairy Penguins)

Photo: Courtesy of Kristen Menke

I have no idea why we don’t call them Fairy Penguins any more.

But they are absolutely adorable.

They surf up on to the beach and then waddle up in groups through the dunes, stopping every now and then to take a break.

As they go, they chatter and bicker and waddle.

It’s wonderful.

I do have to say though, that I am rather conflicted about the Penguin Parade itself. Do they enjoy having hundreds of people there every night, making noise, creating light and carrying on.

At least now they have completely banned photography to stop the paparazzi effect of flashes disorienting the little guys.  

Hence a postcard instead of a photo.

Definitely worth a visit.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade.

13.02. Learning something new

They say learning new stuff is good for all kinds of reasons. It makes your brain work harder and keeps it agile.
I’m all for it, though sometimes it can be a bit daunting.
After years of snowboarding, this day was the day I first strapped on a set of skis and gave that a go.
It was amazing!

The view from the baby lift at Courmayeur

Have you learned anything new lately? Is there anything you want to learn?

12.02. Dogs in restaurants

I’m a dog lover and I love to take my dog everywhere.
In France and Italy, dogs even stay in hotels and go to restaurants.
This lady was sitting at the table next to ours in Courmamyeur, with her chihuahua sitting up beside her in its pompom jumper on a chair. She was sucking the gravy off meat pieces and feeding them to it.

That may be taking the dog thing too far.
It made us laugh.
What do you think?

10.02. Playing with all my lovely new things

We hit Europe right at winter sale time. Great for Australians.
And as the temperature dropped (in Berlin it was minus 13 degrees) we found ourselves needing some new things.

A Loreak Mendian Lady Cavalier cardigan.

Jo Gordon knitwear

Drakes scarf and Ben Alder cashmere beanie.

My favourite shopping precincts were Rue Oberkampf in Paris and around Sophienstrasse in Berlin Mitte.