24.03. Skiving off work and getting a Brow Wow

I really do love Sharon Lee. Yes it’s expensive, but she and her brow magicians really know how to shape.
So I try and go every so often to get my shape set up again.
I was able to sneak off at lunch time and get my brows wowed.
I love the ambience as well as the final product!

Sharon Lee Inc.

Level One
No. 1 Oxford Street
NSW Sydney 2021
General Enquiries and Guest Bookings:
Within Australia
t. 1300 769 011


08.03. From Paris with Love

Everyone knows French women have style and elegance and don’t get fat.
They also have French pharmacies, which are like a secret weapon for beauty with so many wonderful products at priceline type prices.
I brought myself back a little treasure trove of goodies that I have been enjoying. If you’re ever in Paris, try these out!

As you can see, they love a scientific sounding name, and don’t fuss around too much with fancy packaging. I’ve loved these products and will definitely be stocking up next time I’m there.

Bioderma Crealine H2O Make-Up Removing Water for face and eyes
This really takes the day off with a couple of swipes.
What I like is it is completely odorless and doesn’t sting or dry skin out.
Apparently most models won’t let anything else on their skin.
I love.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre and Lait-Crème Fluide (24 Hour Miracle Cream for Hand and Body)
Their products have nothing to do with embryos and are not tested on animals.
They are very nourishing creams that go on easily and seem to not leave undue residue on the skin. I’ve been loving the face and body cream.

Weleda’s new Pomegranate line
We know pomegranate juice is full of anti-oxidants. So it seems to make sense that putting it on your skin will be good for you.
I love the body oil, a nice sweet fragrance.
The face cream feels very rich, but the texture is a bit thick- this is definitely night cream only for me.

This lives behind the counter at the chemist- apparetnly it was originally a nipple cream. It now lives in my top drawer at work and is the frontline of defence against airconditioning drying out my lips.

Nuxe Body Oil
This is divine and my absolute favourite- it is the original shimmer oil and comes in a very sweet bottle.
I’ve been using it on my face and feel like my skin is drinking it up.
Maybe its just the shimmer confidence it gives me, but I love this stuff.

Any beauty secrets you care to share?