Riding on the Great Ocean Road with no cars. Heaven.

What an amazing experience, cruising along the Great Ocean Road on your bike with no cars.
It’s only possible once a year at Amy’s Ride which raises funds for the Amy Gillett Foundation.
I did the Medio Fondo (just under 40km from Lorne to Apollo Bay) this year and it was absolutely brilliant. You should try it some time. There’s also a Gran Fondo for the more ambitious- a 120km loops up through Forrest and Dean’s Marsh with a brilliant downhill towards the end.
This stuff makes exercise seriously fun!

Pit Stop at Wye River.

Some crazy cats at the starting line.


3 thoughts on “Riding on the Great Ocean Road with no cars. Heaven.

  1. I was away for the Amy’s ride this year. Next year perhaps. I have to ride the road each day with cars on the road! I tend to leave the bike at home in January and Easter though

    • That’s a shame! It really is brilliant. Hope you can make it next year!
      I’ll be down there again this weekend- riding with cars, not so much fun. I completely understand why you wouldn’t ride at Chrissy and Easter- crazy times!

  2. This looks AMAZING. I thought it was exciting enough to be able to ride through the centre of London with no cars (which is a once-a-year thing), but the Great Ocean Road would be fantastic.

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