09.05. Appreciating mums

It’s rather unlike me to be so prepared for Mother’s Day, but it’s only Wednesday and I’m already sorted.
I’ve ordered flowers for my mum and got my mother-in-law a lovely pack of lovely-smelling potions from L’Occitane for Mother’s Day.
Now all that leaves is some cake baking on Sunday for the afternoon tea planned at the in-laws.

Apparently, the most popular way to show your love is taking mum out to lunch…something we usually do, but it didn’t fit in with everyone’s plans this year, so afternoon tea it is.
According to some IBIS World research, we spend twice as much on mum as dad…fair? Mums do sacrifice alot!

Are you all sorted for Mother’s Day? What are your plans?

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/restaurants-bars/lunch-most-popular-mothers-day-gift/story-fn93ypt9-1226349935556#ixzz1uLSYtQqf


8 thoughts on “09.05. Appreciating mums

  1. My mom and I love Celtic Thunder and watch them on PBS all the time. So I purchased two CD’s. Going to make copies for myself and give her the originals. Then I also earlier gave her the Celtic Women new CD which I got when I joined and got the gift from the PBS channel we watch. So we are Celtic(ed) out now! Myself I get to go visit friends for the first time at their new place and my mom is sitting for me so I can go away.

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