01.05. Mindful in May

The benefits of meditation are widely acknowledged and well known.

I think especially in this scattered age, focussing on mindfulness and attention has to be a good thing.

The challenge is doing it regularly enough to get lasting benefit.

Hence my commitment to doing Mindfulness in May.  I did my first meditation and my mind was fidgety and scattered, but this is just the beginning.

I think this is a good thing to do.

I should have blogged about this earlier, so readers had the option to take part. 

Never mind.

http://mindfulinmay.com/ – though its too late to sign up.

Another good meditation site http://www.getsomeheadspace.com/ – they have an app for you phone that can get you started on a daily 10 minute meditation for free.

Does anyone out there manage to meditate regularly? I’d love to know how it makes you feel.


8 thoughts on “01.05. Mindful in May

  1. Hi Maree! I am a fellow #mindfulinmay peep, nice to meet you. I started actively meditating about a year ago when I attended Mindful conference in Melbourne. I must admit I’ve been a bit slack but when I do meditate I really feel the difference (as does my husband & kids who bear the consequences of my stress!). I find that after letting thoughts come and go for ten minutes I feel like all my thoughts are spread out clearly – as on a table. I then feel more productive and less stressed about tackling them and sometimes there aren’t even as many things as you thought.

    I’ve not seen the headspace site, thanks for sharing. I use meditate.ly a lot, it can be fun for group meditation. Good luck with #mindfulinmay

    • Hi there, lovely to meet you too. It’s very encouraging to hear that meditating helps make a difference in your life- I love the thought of my thoughts being laid out infront of me!
      Good luck too with the #mindfulinmay journey! I’ll check out meditate.ly as well, thanks for the tip.
      Namaste ; )

  2. I love the mindfulness. I really should do more and my mental health friends are wanting me to do it more the only problem is night classes. That is when I need to be home with the kids. I should get in and do it when they are at school. I use to be really good at it after college. Oh and thanks for following me too!

    • Hi there,
      yes it’s great. It is really hard to fit this kind of thing into the every day isn’t it! I struggle, that’s for sure.
      I’ve been doing these using my iphone- I just have to find the 10 minutes per day.
      They have now reopened registrations for Mindful in May if you wanted to give it a go for yourself http://www.mindfulinmay.com

  3. Hello,

    Thank you very much for your support of mindful in may! I wanted to let you know that due to overwhelming interest we have opened the doors to a two week mindful in may challenge!

    Spread the word! Sign up and donate before May 14th when the challenge will begin! http://www.mindfulinmay.com/signup

    We’ve raised $20000 to date! An amazing community of meditators making a difference. Perfect for those who have never meditated but would like to learn, or those who just need support to bring it back into their lives.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm
    Elise Bialylew

    • Hi Elise,
      thanks for the heads up. It’s great that registrations have opened up again!
      I’ve done a little shout out on my blog- hope this helps build registrations.
      I’m really enjoying the journey.
      Namaste ; )

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