15.02. Eddy-tude



Learning to ski was fun. Most of the time.
But there were moments, when you’ve fallen over a couple of times, you’re tired, the skis aren’t doing what you want.
And your first instinct is to get snippy.
That’s where my teacher, Eddy, taught me what I called “Eddy-tude”.
When he saw the first cranky look in my eye, he would look up and around and just start whistling.
Eddy-tude is about looking up around you and no matter where you are, appreciating how lucky you are to be there.
Eddy-tude is about enjoying the ride.
It worked every time.
I try to apply Eddy-tude now in my life.
When I’m getting snippy about something, I look up, and just try to appreciate where I am and how lucky I am and whistle.
It still works every time.


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