15.04. I baked for book club. Hang on, I don’t have an oven!

Got up this morning and started thinking about what to make for bake club.
We have loads of lemons from the lady next door and some limes off our own tree.
And I wanted to contribute to this

Link to the blog hop here– there are some amazing recipes to discover!

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But I’d forgotten, our oven gave up the ghost last week.
So I had to find a no-bake recipe- quickly!
Enter the No-Bake Lemon Cheese Cake
This is so easy- just whizz the base and then whizz the filling, then throw it into the fridge.
And it tastes great!

400g digestive biscuits
125g butter or margarine
200g Philadelphia cheese
150ml cream
Juice of 2 lemons + 1 lime
75g sugar

Preparation method
Prep: 1 hour | Extra time: 8 hours in the fridge
1. Put biscuits in food processor and mix to fine pieces. Add butter and mix again. Put in a pie dish and leave to set.

2. Mix cheese and cream until stiff peaks occur. Add sugar and lemon juice and beat till smooth.

3. Place topping in the tin and let it set for at least 8 hours.

4. Serve.


11 thoughts on “15.04. I baked for book club. Hang on, I don’t have an oven!

    • Aren’t lemons great- loving the other recipes on the blog hop! A bit intimidated by your lemon meringue cup cakes- they look amazing! But going to try the lemon jubes- I’ve never made my own lollies before!

  1. Quick thinking, and it looks delicious! I have been known to ‘bake’ in a saucepan on the stove top in a pinch but this is such a better idea – heehee. Thanks for joining the hop!

  2. Mmm yum, very clever! Our oven was playing up a little while back, it seemed to go on the fritz right when I was about to put something in to cook, I hope you get it back soon.

    • I hope so too. When it first broke, my husband was all over the internet finding new ovens, but quickly lost interest- I must reignite his interest on that.
      I hate not being able to bake!

  3. My husband is the chilled cheesecake king in this household, I’m thinking I should try this recipe out and have a cheese-cake showdown with him!

    • Ooh, good luck! If I were making this again, I’d probably drizzle some passionfruit over the top as well.
      I’m married to a good cook too- that’s why I focus mainly on desserts- because that’s one thing he doesn’t like making ; )

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