06.04. Aah, the serenity

Every Easter, we go away with the same bunch of friends.
We hire a beautiful house, ideally in a beautiful place and pretend to be millionaires for the Easter weekend.
We eat brilliant food, have the odd chilled white wine and enjoy each other’s company for 4 days.
This year, the house was brilliant, in Ventnor on Phillip Island it was right on the water, a 3 minute walk to the beach, with a lovely deck to enjoy the view.
One of the nicest things in life.

If you love the view, you might love the house. Details here: 11 Grossard Point Road, Ventnor.

Do you get the chance to live like a queen sometimes?


8 thoughts on “06.04. Aah, the serenity

  1. Sitting here in The Netherlands I am warmed by the beautiful view you are enjoying.
    CON: Easter 2012 is colder and whiter than Xmas 2011.
    PRO: great weather to sit, enjoy a cup of tea and the compaionship of some very dear housecats…and read!

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