29.03. Footy’s back and so are the bad haircuts

Footy season is back.
Great news.
It’s not just the footy we love, but the players haircuts.
I’m married to a Richmond supporter (yes, it’s hard) and after last night’s game, I can see that I am going to love Ivan Maric as he singlehandedly brings the mullet back.
The countdown is on till we see these back on the street.

I’m obviously not the first person to notice this. The Ivan Maric Mullet already has it’s own facebook page.


Please, delight me with who you think has the worst haircut in your personal football league!


12 thoughts on “29.03. Footy’s back and so are the bad haircuts

  1. Well I know this has been up for a while I must have missed it. However, guess what my son has on his head. His front is longer that the guy above but it is still a mullet.

  2. I think of the modern era Gary Ablett Jnr has the worst hair, before he gave in to hair loss. That strange straggly dying mop of dirty blonde made me cringe and reconsider my support for Geelong

    • Shocker. And then you had to deal with Lingy as well!
      Great that Geelong have moved on to become one of the better coiffed teams in the AFL.
      You must be relieved ; )

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