18.03. Bookclubs, real and virtual

I love my book club.
I’ve mentioned it before. But every month I think how lucky I am.
12 boisterous women, all different ages and viewpoints. We’ve come to know each other well, and most of the afternoon is devoted to sipping wine and catching up on the month’s shenanigans. But we do discuss the book. We’ve been going for 6 years and have had engagements, babies, breakups, the works- just like in those bookclub novels.
This month, we talked about Marieke Hardy’s You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead which I reviewed here.

The general consensus- enjoyable but superficial. Being in Melbourne, it was interesting to be reading about such a colourful Melbourne identity. Listening to the girls, there are certainly some very colourful stories floating around about Marieke that have not been printed in the book. It also seems that publishing the book has sent massive waves through Marieke’s circle of friends.
A wonderful book for a gossipy afternoon in the shade of a friends back yard.

I’d love top hear about other bookclubs out there. The ratio of gossip to books and the favourite books you’ve read…


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