01.03. Guilty Pleasures. The Hunger Games

It took me 4 days to read this book.
It’s a long time since I read something that quickly. I read at lunchtime at work. I read before dinner, after dinner. I wasn’t very good company.
I inhaled it. And now I’m sad it’s over.

It had a feisty heroine, plenty of action and adventure and the kind of suspense that just had me totally hooked.

Set in a not too distant future, the Capitol has suppressed rebellion across 13 Districts. Having destroyed District 13 completely, the Capitol keeps their supremacy top of mind in the other 12 Districts with the annual Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games, 2 teens from each district, selected by ballot, compete to the death. Last man standing.
And the whole thing is televised.
Our hero is 16 year-old Katniss Everdeen. She’s a feisty, independent girl, who has helped keep her family alive since the death of her father. And to keep her family safe, she volunteers herself for the Hunger Games when her little sister is selected in the ballot.
The Hunger Games tells us of her battle to survive.
She is a great role model for girls and women alike: fiercely independent with skills of her own. Not reliant on a guy to help her survive.
There are signs in the book that this was originally written for teens. Katniss’ struggle against the dystopia of the Capitol feels at times like every teen’s struggle against perceived powerlessness and the emerging consciousness of her sexuality feels at times a overly twee. But the whole is solved by the fact that the narrative is told by Katniss in the first person- so it actually comes across as an authentic teen voice.

I absolutely loved it. No literary masterpiece, but a great adventure story with plenty of girl power. I can’t wait for part 2 of the book and the movie looks great as well. Check out the trailer on youtube.

The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins

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10 thoughts on “01.03. Guilty Pleasures. The Hunger Games

    • Ooh, I’ll have to try it. For now I will be devouring Hunger Games part 2- Catching Fire which a workmate brought in for me today (she caught me in the lunch room reading earlier in the week : )

  1. I started reading this yesterday and blew through the first 160 pages. I also plan on seeing the movie — after the book of course 😉

    • I find it amazing how everyone seems to get completely sucked in to The Hunger Games vortex. Glad you’re enjoying it. Would love to hear what you think of the movie!

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