2 thoughts on “26.02. Dogs + Water = happy times

  1. Excellent photos and lovely colour. The water textures and patterns, and the black dog, so endearing. Doesn’t it strike you as odd, though, that at the beach today women are virtually naked while the men are covered from neck to knee? Is that what women prefer?

    • Ha,
      funny. I hadn’t noticed the discrepancy in men’s and women’s outfits- but you’re absolutely right! Perhaps men are the more sun-safe gender? We’ve had a bit of a dodgy summer, so I think lots of ladies are out to get as much sun as they can!
      Thanks for your comments on the photos. I had the camera in the car, but couldn’t be bothered walking back to get it once we were in the water and used hipstamatic on my phone and ended up quite happy with the results too.

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