02.02. Whimsical fashion for men. Knickerbockers anyone?

I often wish men had more freedom to dress a little more imaginatively.

Perhaps something like these knickerbockers that we saw in Berlin and then again in Florence.

The perfect autumnal outfit for gents?

This outfit was in the window of EPOCA VINTAGE .: 
di Valentina Ferroni
Vintage Clothing & Accessories in Florence.
P.IVA 05583070486 – Via dei Fossi, 6R – FirenzeImage

The second outfit was spotted in Berlin – sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy- I was being chased away by the shop assistant.


27.02. Be inspired by Alex Steffen

Today’s blog post is probably the world’s laziest, just passing on information, but I think it’s important.
In January I was inspired by Alex Steffen speaking about how to change the world without leaving home and blogged about it here

The great news is, the video and deck of Alex’s talk is now online.

I highly recommend you take a look at this inspiring talk on how we can move towards a connected carbon zero future.

The video and links to the deck live on the Doing Something Good website here

If your interested in this kind of topic and live in Melbourne, you may want to take a look at the Collaboratory Melbourne Plans for 2012

“2012 is about cocreating the foundations for a thriving, member-owned community enterprise that fosters a culture of collaboration, across sectors and of diverse disciplines, and supports the development of people and projects that address our most pressing social and environmental issues.”

Enjoy and be inspired!

25.02. Pimms and Lemonade

We have returned to a very hot Melbourne from a very cold Europe.
And we need coping mechanisms.
Even a chilled white wine is not enough to combat 40 degrees.
That’s where Pimm’s and lemonade comes in. One of the most refreshing drinks I know.
Take some sliced orange and chunked out watermelon. Pimms to lemonade ratio of 1:2 or 3. Plenty of ice, and hey presto, the afternoon looks a whole lot cooler!

How do you cope with the heat?

30.01. The Testimony – a new memoir from Halina Wagowska

Finished this lovely book, The Testimony, which will be launched at Readings St Kilda on Thursday 15th March. Written by 81 year old Halina Wagowska, a survivor of Auschwitz and Stutthof, as her last testimony before “she drops off the twig”. It is a great tale of the resilience of the human spirit. It also reminds us, as her story continues to her life in Australia, of the immense value that refugees of all kinds bring to Australia. Something that gets forgotten alot in the current hysterical debate (read “demonisation”) about “boat people”.

I’m looking forward to the launch, Halina Wagowska reads like one of those people you really want to see in real life. She will be in conversation with Anna Epstein (curator of the Jewish Museum of Australia) and the book will be launched by philosopher Peter Singer. For details of the event, jump here.

The Testimony
The Testimony is the memoir of a woman determined not to remain a victim, despite having been a victim of the most horrific crimes against humanity, the Holocaust.

The Testimony begins by relating her idyllic pre-war childhood in Poland. From there, we descend with her, deeper and deeper into the hell of Nazi occupation as her family is moved first into the ghetto, then to Auschwitz-Birkenau and finallz to the hell of Stutthof.

Without drama, she tells of the physical conditions in the camps and gives us a glimpse of the emotional impact of the dehumanisation, fear,hatred and despair.

What makes the book really glow for me though, are the personalities of the people who share her journey. Stasia, the gentile housekeeper who goes with the family into the ghetto; Frieda, who becomes her ersatz mother in Stutthof or Sasha, the Russian who finally liberates her. It is these, and the relationships that carry her beyond, to a gentler life in Australia, that create the sense of hope in this memoir.

This is fascinating stuff, told in a simple, straightforward style that makes it accessable and easy to read.

It is not only a testimony of what happened to her, but a testament to the power of the human spirit and the capacity human beings have to illuminate the lives of those around them, no matter what the circumstances.

Read as part of the Hardie Grant Bookclub.
To read what other bookclubbers think, jump here.

24.02. Coming home and resuming transmission

So we’re back.
Drying skiing gear in the back yard in 40 degree heat.
And this blog is back.
All this while, I’ve been “blogging” on paper. What folks used to call a journal.
So I have a month’s worth of content to catch up.
The plan: each day I will be posting the day’s Like as well as catching up on one post a day for Jan./ Feb.
Hope that’s not irritating. Let me know if it is.

Today’s like is coming home.
And being welcomed.
By your best friend;

and fresh muffins and tomato pickles from your mother in law xxx.