15.01. Voting in the Hottest 100

I can’t remember how long I’ve been voting in the JJJ Hottest 100.

Forever.  Or close to.

And tuning in on Australia Day as they count down.

2011 there was so much great music.  It was really hard to nail it down to 10 tracks.

In fact, so hard, I nailed it down to 11.

You have till midnight tomorrow to vote.
What’s your 2011 Top Ten?

Here’s mine.  There are some tracks that got so popular its almost embarrassing, but I still love them.  Like the Gotye track, could it have been any bigger, but it is still a great track and definitely in my Top Ten for 2011.

Gotye: Somebody that I used to know

Beastie Boys: Don’t Play no game That I can’t Win

Beth Ditto: I Wrote the Book

The Black Keys: Lonely Boy

Boy and Bear: Lordy May

Lana del Rey: Video Games

Luke  Million: Arnold

Ghostface Killah: Ghetto

Kanye West and Jay-Z: No Church in the Wild

Radiohead: Lotus Flower

Kasabian: Rewired


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